Traditional mysore program with Przemek Keppe

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Anyone can find 15 minutes for their wellbeing.

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Experience the traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga class allows beginner students to start with as little as 15 minutes. It is a personalized practice, done with respect to your needs and predispositions.

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open to all

Family friendly environment, our community spans ages from 5 to 70 year old. Children need to be accompanied by parents.


15 min practice

Anyone can invest 15 minutes in their wellbeing. You decide how much time you devote.

flexible time

flexible entry time

Students can start the practice anytime between 7:30am and 9:30am.


no experience required

Yoga is universal, anyone can do it. Especially if you can't touch the floor.

sun fresh start

fresh start of the day

Feel light and energetic throughout the day.

mind control

take control

Learn to take control of your body and mind.

Our Mysore program runs on working days from Tuesday till Friday 8:00am - 9:30am

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice is a self practice. From the first day you are being assigned with your own sequence of movements. Helping you to strengthen the body, get accustomed with your own breath and slowly improving your concentration and focus.


How will I know what to do?

Teacher is always there to show you what to do. Be patient sometimes being lost is a part of the process.

How will I know when to finish?

You decide how much is too much for you. Usually when the breath shortens it is a good place to finish.

What to do if I get tired or dizzy?

Come down to the floor and rest in balasan, child position. Do that by sitting down on your heels and placing your forehead on the floor. Stay in this position for as many breaths as you need.

I heard Ashtanga Yoga is very difficult?

The most demanding is overcoming your own ego. This practice is only as difficult as you make it yourself.

If I forgot the instructions, what do I do ?

Come back to standing position and wait for the teacher to come to you. Be patient, practice your single pointed concentration.

Do I need a Yoga mat?

Yes, you will need a Yoga mat. If you forgot yours or waiting to get one. You can borrow one from the shala.

I can't touch the floor and have a belly, can I still practice Yoga?

Naturally, anyone can practice Yoga.

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